"We had solar installed on our house by eFlow Energy. They explained the entire process ahead of time and kept us informed during the whole process. The panels look great and our electric bills are amazingly low. We highly recommend eFlow Energy."

- Donna Boggs

“I have been a home owner for over 20 years and have used many contractors during that time but none stood out like eFlow Energy.”

- Jack Peterson

“We had a great experience. eFlow Energy did a thorough review of the best way to install the solar for maximum benefit. Our roof is very complicated, so this was not an easy task. Our electric bills went from $1000 per month to about $500.”

- Vanessa P. 

"Thank you for the professional and expert way you helped us close the deal on choosing the solar system that fit our needs and budget. We feel that you but a lot of time to deliver the right information and responded to all our questions. Catalina and I thank you very much"

- Dan Ciobanu

"Rich did a awesome job on our solar. Very informative and stress free process. I would recommend eFlow Energy in a heart beat."

- Coree Brake

"We had such a wonderful experience with eFlow Solar Energy! Two weeks after we started talking to Chris the knowledgeable representative from eFlow we had the Solar Panels on our house👍 Our PG&E bill has been as high as $500 when we were running the air conditioning... now it is a constant $9 a month... when we go out and look at the electric meter on our house it is no longer going clockwise.... it’s actually going backwards! Yeah!!! We also are no longer subject to PG&E increases in our bill! Such a WIN WIN situation!!!!"

- Jane Porter

"eFlow installed the solar panels on our vacation rental Lodge right outside of Yosemite. They were honest, polite and helpful through the whole process, from securing financing through installation. I would recommend eFlow for your solar needs!"

- William Charlson

"Very pleased with eFlow Solar's consultation and installation processes. Rich, Mike, and the rest of the team are friendly and helpful, and we are confident that they worked diligently to get us the best deal and get our installation done in a safe and timely manner. Everything seems to be working fine so far and we love that they offer a warranty and honor military/veterans. We can even monitor the way our panels are working. Definitely recommend!"

- Tonia Erik Henry

“I have enjoyed working with Rich for the last couple of years. I feel he carries himself with the upmost integrity in what he says and follows through with it. He takes great pride in every project he completes.”

- Jack Tuttle

“Of the several solar PV contractors we interviewed, eFlow Energy's proposal was the most accurate. Their knowledge has proven to be extensive and very reliable. Rich and his company completed our install on schedule and have stood behind their work.”

- Ken and Mary Manes

“eFlow Energy installed our system in late December... they went above and beyond my expectation and I can't wait to see how this changes my bill. I would highly recommend eFlow Energy if you are in the market for solar.”

- Brandon M. 

"After our recent install we are very pleased with eFlow Energy. From start to finish they were efficient, friendly and made sure we were informed. Cutting our power bill by hundreds we cant thank them enough for educating us on the increasing benefits of going Solar. We would recommend any friend or neighbor to go through eFlow Energy."

- Chanelle P.

"An awesome experience. Rich and company, professionalism personified. Great rates and quick service. 5 stars *****"

- CA B. 

"eFlow is, without a doubt, the best solar company I have had an experience with! Had 2 other solar companys give me quotes on their solar and eFlow beat their prices by almost half!!! The initial meeting was extremely informational and completely thorough. Everything was covered in detail from purchase through completion. I cant thank them enough for educating me and helping me save an estimated $500 per month on our electric bill!!!"

- Andreina Sanve

"The company is very personable and knowledgeable. They answered all my questions with professionalism and understanding.They went above and beyond to help me with understanding how the system they drew up was just right and not too big or over priced as the other companies bid prices. Great small local company with the understanding of quality and customer satisfaction!"

- Alexis Verworn

"I had an amazing experience with eFlow The process was painless and I am saving tons of $ all while adding value to my home! Solar is a win win but it's even better with Chris and eFlow"

- Michelle Rizo

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