Backup Systems

Minimize your reliance on the grid. 

By pairing a battery backup system with your solar, you are able to store excess energy. Additionally, installing either a generator or battery backup system provides customers with peace of mind during power outages. By combining power produced with the storage capacity of a battery backup system, you will never be left in the dark. 

Why install a Battery Backup System? 

  • Prepare for PG&E's Public Safety Power Shutoffs, by using your stored energy during an outage

  • Use your excess power during on-peak hours when energy is the most expensive

  • Reduce your carbon footprint when you store clean, affordable backup power instead of burning harmful fossil fuels

  • Reduce dependence on the grid and reliance on the Net Energy Metering program as compensation begins to decline

As many power companies in California operate on a time-of-use system, customers are being charged more for their energy use during peak hours . Most homeowners consume the majority of their energy during nighttime hours at an increased price. By installing a battery backup system you can take control of your energy production and consume stored energy at a lower rate during peak hours. After analyzing your energy consumption habits and designing your system, eFlow Energy will help choose the backup system that is right for you.

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