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Be prepared for anything and everything.

Galvanized pipe shelters have been around since WWI but are gaining popularity as we are faced with extreme weather, California wildfires, foreign policy tensions, power grid uncertainty and the current COVID-19 outbreak. These emergency safety shelters boast walk-in showers, master bedrooms, full kitchens, living rooms and advanced air filtration systems to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of an emergency. Additional benefits include: a massive amount of under floor storage, mud rooms with decontamination showers, nuclear blast hatches and air tight doors. Wow your friends and family with a hidden entrance to your emergency safety shelter and take advantage of their multiple uses to fit your unique needs. 

Atlas Survival Shelter Gun Safe
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Breathe easy

Now more than ever the threat of a viral outbreak, whether new or previously discovered, has the ability to rock any individual or nation. With COVID-19 quite literally flipping our world upside down, will you be prepared in the event of another outbreak? We will. Shelters can be ordered with our without an advanced NBC air filtration systems depending upon your customization specifics. All NBC Air Filtration systems come with a manual override easy enough to crank with one arm. 

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Customization is key

With a wide variety of sizes and available customizations, your emergency shelter will be the ultimate upgrade to any home. From shelters sized for garage expansions to shelters equipped with a swimming pool and bowling alley, you're guaranteed to find your perfect fit. When not in use for emergency safety shelter reasons, your shelter will double as a multi-functional space. For instance, a natural climate controlled wine cellar or a nicely hidden underground gun room. 

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Installation Procedure

While some customizations can be installed with an existing home, more advanced models require installation during the building process. By choosing to customize in conjunction with building your home, you have the ability to locate your shelter wherever you please. Looking to buy a home already equipped? eFlow Solar Energy is actively looking for builders to partner with in offering Emergency Safety Shelters to their buyers. If interested, please contact (888) 305-SOLAR. Being prepared in an emergency is perhaps one of the most important things for you and your family, so why wait?

Ready for yours? Watch below. 

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