Financing Options

At eFlow Energy you have the freedom to chose your solar plan.

Enjoying the benefits of clean energy production has never been easier. After designing a system with eFlow Energy, homeowners have the option to buy, secure a loan or lease their system. 

Financing Options

Buying a System

As solar is becoming increasingly common, many homeowners are choosing to purchase their system outright. By doing so, they not only immediately increase the value of their home but they also have the ability to secure the federal governments 26% Income Tax Credit on the price of their system. 

Securing a Loan

For customers who have worried about upfront costs of solar, look no further. With our various loan options you can trade your current power bill for a solar system today.

With easy application processes, fast approvals, long term loan payback periods and competitive rates you can experience energy independence in no time. 


Property Assessed Clean Energy Programs (PACE)

This program is the most popular for homeowners worried about their credit and looking to minimize upfront costs. This loan program makes paying for your solar easy. Property owners are able to couple their solar payment with their property taxes over a span of 10 to 30 years.

Leasing a System

Start generating clean energy with no money down and a hassle-free installation from start to finish. Lock in low energy rates by leasing a system and we will handle the rest. 

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